Selasa, 21 Juni 2011

Caring For The Skin To Get Healthier Skin

Human body is a complex system, in order to care for it first we must understand it properly. If we want to have a healthy skin then we must have a healthy body first. Skin and Body are closely related. Below are things you should consider if you desire a healthy body and skin.

Water is very important for human body therefor we should drink a lot of water everyday. It's a indisputable proven fact that 90% of us don't consume enough water. For the skin structure to function correctly we have to swallow about 3-4 liters of water every day. The skin is unquestionably considered one of an important areas of the body because it produces security from outside bacterias.

Human mind also plays an important role in health so keep the mind free from stress by prayer and meditation. Problems or stress will make your body grow old faster. Researcher has proven that prayer as well as relaxation may reduce or slow the aging process.

Smoking is very bad for our health so don't smoke. Smoking can speed up the aging process and also cause severe health problems like cancer, lung illness, etc.

Consume quality and healthy food like vegetables and fruits. In order to function properly the body require vitamins and mineral which is derived from food we consume. If the food contains unhealthy stuff like oily and fatty food then this kind of food could cause health problem. If you could not provide enough vitamins and nutrient from the food you can simply take food supplement. We can not always ensure that the food we consume have provide the vitamins and nutrient that our body needs.

Get proper rest or sleep for the body. After doing daily activity for about 16 hours our body require proper rest or sleep. The best amount of rest or sleep for the body is 8 hours at nights. During this resting period our body will restore every organ of the body including skin.

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